Vessel Information
USCG ID # 919318

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Documented Vessel Information
Boat Owner (Managing owner of the vessel) ROGER C KOVAC
Registered Address (Address the US Coast Guard has on file for this vessel) (available with membership or
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Hull Identification Number (A unique 12 digit alpha-numeric identification number that all boats manufactured after 1972 are equipped with on their transom (the flat rear end of the boat) and reflects the manufacturer, serial number, and month and year of build) (available with membership or
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Hailing Port (Displayed on the vessel's stern and may be used to best determine the vessel's geographical area of operation) (available with membership or
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Lloyd's Registry Number (This is a unique number that is assigned by Lloyd's Registry for the life of the vessel. Most vessels with this number are self propelled, over 100 gross tons, and operate on ocean and/or coastwise waters.) n/r
Call Sign (Unique code designated for the vessel's radio transmissions) n/r
Official US Coast Guard Vessel ID (Unique ID awarded by the U.S. Coast Guard to a documented vessel and is permanently marked on some structural part of the hull interior but not to be confused with the manufacturer's hull identification number.) 919318
Flag (United States) RIGHT OF PASSAGE sailing ensign flag
Service Type (General use of the vessel) Recreational
Boat's Length 40.6 ft
Boat's Gross Tons 27.0
Boat's Net Tons 21.0
Vessel Build Year 1987
Ship Builder SEA RAY
Hull Shape (e.g. Monohull, Trimaran, Catamaran, Unknown) Ship
Propulsion Type UNSPECIFIED
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